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Glacier Guard™

Programable Cooler and Wash Control

With unmatched versatility, the BouMatic Glacier Guard will bring greater tank cleaning efficiency and maintain a high quality milk harvest.

  • With more than 30 adjustable wash parameters for better control over water and chemical usage
  • Automatic chemical pump module for liquid chemical usage means no human contact and no waste of chemicals
  • Optional quick drain and fill that can greatly reduce the time it takes to clean a milk cooler
  • Monitoring and recording of water valve on/off times, wash pump operation, chemical pump run times, water temperatures, and other operating parameters
  • Allows remote alarms and lights to alert operator if conditions or temperatures are not as expected
Glacier Guard™

We Have Everything You Need To Get And Keep Your Milk Cool



Capture waste heat energy from your refrigeration system to provide hot water while allowing your compressor to run more efficiently. Heat recovery system is a double-walled heat exchanger with water storage tank that captures lost heat from your cooling system to heat your water for free. The heated water is then stored in the system until it is needed. The Therma-Stor Heat Recovery System is recognized as the innovative leader in heat recovery technology.




Engineered with your bottom line in mind, our exclusive design reduces operating costs, extends compressor service life and provides protection for your valuable milk production. Whether building a new cooling system or replacing an aging one, increase your profits and lower your milk cooling costs with GlacierChill Modular Chiller from BouMatic.

Bulk Milk Tanks

High Quality & Durable To Ensure Your Milk Is Perfectly Chilled Until The Milk Truck Comes

  • Ruggedly engineered in every aspect to provide worry-free milk cooling and storage
  • Available in several tank sizes to fit your dairy production and pick up schedule
  • Built to be bulkheaded, these beautiful tanks are tough enough for the harshest weather

Plate Coolers


The plate heat exchanger (Plate Cooler) uses well water and/or chilled water to pre-cool milk before it enters the bulk tank. Pre-cooling milk can save on cooling energy costs and can help maintain milk quality. All Plate Coolers are CIP ready.

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