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All-Inclusive Service

We’ll help you stay ahead of the herd. Whether you’re in need of a new build, remodel, or a system upgrade, Innovative Dairy Solutions maximizes your facility so it does more than get the job done.

Our Dairy Service and Sales Professionals are trained to handle: installation, emergency service, and scheduled maintenance on milking systems and milk handling equipment.

Service & Maintenance

The way we see it, our work is never finished. We ensure your equipment is always running with a custom scheduled maintenance program designed around your needs and operation. It’s one of the many reasons we develop and maintain a partnership with you after a specific service is completed. Our team communicates with you directly, keeping you well aware of problems we find and what we can do to correct them. We’ll keep an eye on your milking facility with ongoing care and upkeep, so nothing slows down your production.

Our Technicians Can Handle:

"At Brymesser Farms we strive to surround ourselves with people we feel comfortable and confident. IDS is a company that not only helps us achieve our goals as a dairy, but helps us put forth a quality product for the consumer."

– Brymesser Farms, Customer review –

Route Services

Our sales staff will ensure that our Producers operation is running cleanly and efficiently and to assist them in maintaining their high standards of production and milk quality. This is done by our monthly scheduled stops where we perform our regular CIP and Bulk tank inspections. While we are at the farm we ensure that our farmers have the dairy supplies necessary for operating at peak performance.

Let us help to ensure your dairy operation continues to have quality milk production.

Route Truck Service

We have a variety of sanitation products available from:

Teat Dips – Pre Dip, Post Dip, Barrier Dip, Winter Dip (Liquid and Powder)
Detergent – Liquid and Powder
Acid/ Acid Sanitizer
Chlorinated Sanitizer 
Laundry Detergent – Liquid and Powder
Inflations/ Liners
Animal Health and Calf Management Products                                                                                         
Milk Hose (plastic, rubber, silicone)

"IDS has a great team of sales and service staff that serve as an extra set of eyes for our Dairy farm. they never let us run low on supplies and help keep our parlor running efficiently."

– Scott Youse and Dickie Edwards, Oakland View Farms, customer review –


Our experienced team can install milking parlors, robotic dairy equipment, herd management systems, milk cooling systems, and milk pasteurization equipment. When it comes to cow environment and milking equipment, our top priority is minimizing downtime in your dairy facility without compromising on quality workmanship and precision.

IDS is a leader in dairy equipment installations.

We will meet with you to gather all the information you’re looking for in your remodel of an existing parlor or to design a new milking parlor. We use the latest industry standards to design the parlor to your specifications and to provide you with a durable yet comfortable milking parlor for your cows and staff, to maximize profitability, while meeting  all safety and sanitation guidelines, and ensuring all areas of the milking system work together.

Innovative Dairy Solutions works hand in hand with other contractors during a project, and also provides quality service after the installation to ensure your investment operates with minimal down time.

"Great Family. Great Folks."

 – Keith Williams, Facebook review –


The Innovative team is set up to help you from our many locations to ensure you get our quality services without any unnecessary wait times.

Our locations:

Massey, Maryland

Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Reedsville, Pennsylvania

Martinsburg, Pennsylvania

Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

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