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Milking Equipment

Flo-Star Xtreme

Revolutionary Milking Claw

Flo-Star Xtreme is bringing a revolutionary new design to a milking claw, but with all the same enhanced performance. Receive the excellent milkability and comfort you come to expect from BouMatic.

  • The Flo-Star Xtreme is the lightest claw on the market
  • Only 5.2 inches high making perfect for small breeds and low hanging udders
  • Built in air inlet provides stable vacuum to the claw at all times; resulting in less bouncing and a more gentile milking
  • Improved “cow-fit”; fits wide, narrow, short or long udders and uneven teat placement
  • The Flo-Star Xtreme handles 7,200 lbs. of direct pressure and is guaranteed against breakage for 2 years

'Xtreme' milking performance with unprecedented results.



Durability, reliability and easy maintenance are only the beginning of the HiFlo Evolution story. Since 2008, this pulsator has been amazing BouMatic customer’s with its simplistic but premium design

  • Built to be for efficient and offering reliable operation and complete milking
  • Guaranteed for a high level of durability and ruggedness
  • No stallcock is needed, easily connects and disconnects to the vacuum line
  • Minimal parts and simple design makes it easy to maintain and requires no tools to take apart and reassemble
  • Pulsators from other manufacturers are filled with small, fragile parts that can turn routine maintenance into expensive, frustrating and time consuming challenges
  • Electrical contacts are protected and water tight to ensure a reliable and rugged unit



  • Alerts the operator to potential issues. Shows an error code to help direct you quickly to the potential cause for error
  • Obtain pulsation graphs on every stall for peace of mind. Reports can be viewed on a PC or can be viewed on a smartphone when paired with the new controller
  • Will highlight problems lasting longer than 2 minutes right to that exact stall
  • You can also view milking in real time
  • Software will graph the current reading of the pulsator, showing all phases of the pulsation curve and providing averages
  • Improves efficiency by alerting when service is required. This allows any potential issues to be addressed immediately and not left to linger to impact efficiency
  • Peace of mind knowing that pulsation, milking units, hoses, air tubes and liners are all being monitored

With the Pulse MD monitoring your vital parlor health statistics, you have a built-in VIP service technician 24/7/365

Flo-Star Max

Performance, capacity, durability, weight reduction, milkability and milker and cow fit for your 24/7 parlor operation

  • The inlet design allows the claw to empty fast providing higher average vacuum stability
  • Improved “cow fit”; fits wide, narrow, short or long udders and uneven teat placement
  • The Flo-Star MAX has an internal holding capacity of over 340 ml (11.5 oz), which makes it one of the larger internal capacity claws on the market
  • Stronger than stainless steel claws, guaranteed against breakage for 2 years




  • The continuous float provides precise speed control reducing demand on the cooling system
  • Employs the industry’s first 3A continuous float probe making precision control possible
  • Offered with varying probe lengths so there is one to fit your dairy
  • Once set up, the OptiFlo CF does all the work providing smooth milk flow for highly efficient cooling
  • Smooth, even milk flow rates protect the milk from slug-flow which may lower milk quality
  • Waterproof case; all manual control switches are mounted on the front of the housing

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